Combined ObservationΒΆ


This observation allows to combine multiple observation by specifying them in the config file.

πŸ’‘ The ideaΒΆ

Provide a simple way to combine multiple observations.

πŸ—‚οΈ Files and usageΒΆ

The observation is defined in neurips2020-flatland-baselines/blob/master/envs/flatland/observations/

To combine multiple observations, instead of directly putting the observation settings under observation_config, use the names of the observations you want to combine as keys to provide the corresponding observation configs (see example).

An example config is located in neurips2020-flatland-baselines/baselines/combined_tree_local_conflict_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml and can be run with

Run it with:

$ python ./ -f baselines/combined_tree_local_conflict_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml  

πŸ“¦ Implementation DetailsΒΆ

This observation does not generate itself any information for the agent but just naively concatenates the outputs of the specified observations.

πŸ“ˆ ResultsΒΆ

Since this observations is meant as a helper to easily explore combinations of observations, there is no meaningful baseline. However, we did a run combining tree and local conflict observations as a sanity check:

w&b report